Importance of WhatsApp Marketing 2017

Let me introduce: Joshi, owning a brick and mortar fashion boutique! Customers often visit her retail store for shopping and also she used to take orders on call and deliver wherever required. But it doesn’t offer more profit to her, so Joshi decided to take the advantage of WhatsApp Marketing. She takes a snapshot of latest collections and sends it to a group of customers on WhatsApp. Customers get to see what she has to offer, bargain prices and finally place the order via WhatsApp.

With the rising competition in today’s business world, it has become essential for all business owners to utilize the most creative marketing methods available to promote their business as like Joshi did. And one such effective direct marketing tool is WhatsApp. Mobile app developers understand the need of communication and marketing in our lives and every day they come with a new messaging app. The most popular among them is WhatsApp, a messaging app that is becoming more popular by the day.

How is WhatsApp Beneficial for a Business?

Below mentioned are few of the important facts that clearly demonstrate why WhatsApp is considered as the important tool for marketing.

WhatsApp for Better Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is the must for any kind of business firm! WhatsApp established a direct marketing platform between you and your customers through a helpful, short and sweet message. By implementing WhatsApp marketing in your marketing campaign, you can respond quickly to customer queries in no time. Via WhatsApp marketing, you can share videos, images, audio etc. to your customers.

WhatsApp for Promotions and Advertising

WhatsApp is an amazing tool for advertising your new arrivals, latest collections or offers that are available on discounted rates. You can send a short description of the product available along with images and videos of your products. This is as similar as creating an eye-catching brochure for your business. You can also grab the attention of your customers by changing your status, & be exhibiting your profile picture for the sake of promotion or discount offers.

WhatsApp for Brand Exposure

By communicating with your customers via WhatsApp, you can tend to know what your customers want from you and your business. Share digital images and videos for your top-selling or latest products, and let them be the first to know about them. This will bring more exposure to your business.

WhatsApp For Marketing Surveys

You can organize customer surveys to improve your products and get direct feedback from customers. Communicating directly with consumers can increase company transparency and get more exposure for your business.

WhatsApp for Speedy Customer Service

With an ever-increasing number of smartphone users, you have the opportunity to connect with your customers and generate maximum leads for your business. WhatsApp marketing allows you to send images, audios, and videos making your marketing campaign more engaging and attention-grabbing compared to traditional marketing methods.

WhatsApp is the free marketing platform which acts as a successful marketing campaign for every small, medium and large-sized business while it is used intelligently.

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